How to Have Summer Fun While Saving Money

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It is time for some summer fun, but we are all saving money to become financially free!

The summer can bring some added expenses our way.  For example, electric bills can go up due to the high heat and running our home air conditioning.  Further, kids are out of school or soon to be, which means paying for extra summer activities.

In addition, most of us want to take a vacation in the summertime!  For instance, I will be going on vacation next month in July.  This one will be slightly cheaper because my wife won’t be going with me, but it is still money taken away from paying off debt.

On the other hand, summer doesn’t have to bring extra expenses.  Let’s talk about the different things we can do during the summer that are cheaper or free.  We can have some summer fun while saving money!

Summer Fun While Saving Money…

Enjoy the Outdoors

This is one thing I am trying to do more often.  Going to the beach, taking a walk in the park, riding your bike, walking your dog, and more!

I recently wrote about how I am trying to be more active and exercising more lately.  Getting outside is a great way to be active AND save money!  It doesn’t cost anything to take a walk.  It only costs a little bit to drive to the beach and take a walk!

I have been putting some thought into going entirely against my financial goals for one purchase.  It is a big purchase though so I don’t know what to do!  I don’t want to do it for my financial freedom and my saving money goals, but I want to do it for more exercise, more activity, and for something to do on the weekends.

To clarify, the purchase I have been debating is a road bicycle.  I have thought about this several times over the years and have yet to do it.  I do, however, feel getting a good bike and going on those long rides would be fun.

Turn Your Air Conditioning Up

This is another good way to save some money in the summer.  Just turn that AC up a few degrees!

The Department of Energy estimates you can save 1 percent for each degree of adjustment for every eight hours.

I know our comfort can sometimes be more important than those savings!  Certainly, use a programmable thermostat at a minimum.  While nobody is home, you can save some money by not keeping your house as cool as you like it!

Cut That Cable Cord

I have said this before, and I will keep saying it!

We cut our cable several months ago!  Our bill went from 220 dollars per month to 78 dollars per month for internet only! A very easy way of saving money!

However, we do also pay for Netflix and Hulu, but those two costs are way cheaper than cable!

Cut that cable, keep internet and stream movies and television!

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Use the Library

I personally really enjoy reading and don’t do nearly enough of it.

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Buying books, however, goes against our goals, right?  On the other hand, you can go to the local library and read books for free!

If you enjoy reading, find your local library and check it out!  Ride your bike to get there though so you don’t waste gas!

Cancel Your Gym Membership

Do you go to your gym enough to get your money’s worth?

If not, cancel that membership and find other ways to burn some calories!  Scroll back up and read the outdoor fun section for starters! You can have some summer fun, be active, and burn some calories all at once!

I am slightly spoiler per se in this area though.  I have free gym membership due to being military.  I also have a small gym in my home.  However, that is one of the many reasons my finances are bad!

I do use my treadmill and other equipment more now, but for many years it all only collected dust!

Most importantly, not all of us, especially me, enjoys working out. That is why I try to find ways to be active that are fun so I don’t feel like I am working out but it keeps me somewhat healthy!

Summer Fun With Family While Saving Money…

Ride Your Bike for Errands and Combine Them

Do you routinely hop in your car, go the grocery store for one item, and come home?

If you don’t need that item right now, wait until your grocery list is bigger before you go!  When you do hop in your car to run errands, do them all and come home!  Make one trip out on the weekend, for example, instead of three!

Further, if you live close enough to the places you need to go, hop on your bike and go!  Now, you are more active, burning off those calories.  Who needs that gym membership if you do this!

Above all, if your whole family goes together, it can be an excellent day for all of you and some quality family time!

Obviously, I don’t do this.  It would undoubtedly be hard as I don’t own a bike as we already discussed.  However, I would most definitely ride it to the grocery store if I did have one.  We have a store only a couple miles away though so I think it would be fun and not too taxing!

Garage Sells and Flea Markets

Spend a few hours Saturday morning and go to garage sells and flea markets!

Firstly, you may find the items you need, for example, the bike I talked about, for much lower prices! 

Secondly, maybe you will find some reasonable prices on items you can flip to make some extra money!

Find Local Entertainment for Saving Money

Are there festivals in your town for some summer fun?

For our area, there are lots of different events at the beach to go to.

Check out your local town calendar or website and look for free events going on.  I am almost sure you will find some!

To Sum Up…

Most importantly, if we think about it, there are plenty of ways to save more money!

I don’t do all of these I listed but only a few minutes of thought came up with a list of easy ways for having some summer fun while saving money and some general money saving tips.

See Cheap Tasty Meal Plans!

Saving money on activities was so much easier only a few months ago!  When I was still into video games, I would sit and play games all day.  I was one to get addicted to one game as well, so I bought one game and played it always!

Subsequently, I find it hard to find things to do to pass the time without spending money!

During the week is easy due to the number of hours I work.  Weekends, on the other hand, leaves me with lots of time to fill!

Don’t forget to use Digit for saving money!  It is super easy and does everything for you!

YOUR TURN – What are more things to have some summer fun while saving money? Any tips and tricks?

Survey Junkie

13 thoughts on “How to Have Summer Fun While Saving Money

  1. I love this. I wish I could let go of cable but I can’t live without tennis. 💪🏽💪🏽🎾🎾.

    1. Hi Sandra. I don’t want to be too deep in your business, but there are ways such as Youtube TV, that is 50 dollars per month and has ESPN and the Tennis Channel. Just a quick thought. Thank you very much for reading and commenting!!

  2. Very informative post, l do think gym can be cut off expenses since one can exercise from home. Thanks for sharing ❤

  3. A local library is my favorite way to enjoy reading on a budget. There’s really no need to buy physical books that just end up on our shelves. I like your advice 🙂

    1. Thank you, Ivana and you are absolutely correct. We buy a book, read it, and don’t touch it again!

  4. Fabulous tips. I love to save gas and get my exercise in by riding my bike.

    Plus this year I do not need air conditioning as now live at the ocean.

    1. Thank you, Elise. I am still debating if I want to set myself back and buy that bicycle! I want one sooo bad!

  5. So many awesome ideas! We actually haven’t had cable for almost 6 years! I’ll definitely be jotting some of these other ones down to do as well.

  6. These are some fantastic and creative ways to save money for the summer. I really like the idea of getting outdoors and riding your bike more often. Thanks for sharing!

  7. These are really great tips. It’s an expensive time of year and with these tips you’ll be able to save towards the other expensive time of year…. Christmas!

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