Save Money On Your Food Budget!!

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Saving money on food budget

One budget area that many of us overspend in is food!  After all, we all have to eat!  Do you eat out every day? Do you want to start saving money on food?

I used to eat out at least five days a week.  Every single day at work, my co-workers and I got fast food for lunch.  Burger King, Chik-fil-a, Taco Bell, etc.  On top of that, since I get hungry often, I was eating junk food before and after lunch.

We also can’t forget about those Monsters!  I drink at least one per day and sometimes two.

How Much Are You Spending?

Have you ever thought about how much your spending on food per week?  I know I didn’t for a long time.  I never worried about it because, well it’s a requirement, to eat.

Even fast food is getting quite expensive nowadays.  Of course, that depends on how much you eat and if you are ordering from the value menus.

I was spending on average 15 dollars per day!  Five days a week!  That is 75 dollars per week, 300 dollars per month!!

On top of that, we occasionally go out on the weekends.  Texas Road House is one of our personal favorites.  That’s another 50 dollars tacked onto the food budget!

Lets not even mention the waistline when eating all of that very unhealthy food!

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How Can We Save Money On Our Food Budget?

Simple really, prepare food at home and take it with you to work.  Is it that simple though?  For some of us it is, but for others, it’s not!

How many hours a day do you work?  Do you come home to a spouse and kids that need you?  Do you have to clean the house or do any honey-do list items?

We can quickly run out of time to prepare food for the next day!

If you find yourself to be way too busy in the evenings to prepare food for the next day, you need to try meal prepping!

Meal Prepping to Save Money and Time!

Set aside a block of time on the weekend to plan and prep meals for the entire week. 

Meal prepping works because you do all of the work ahead of time. You prepare and cook everything, then portion the meals into individual containers.

One thing you might check out is $5 Meal Plan.  For five dollars a month they will send you a meal plan to include the shopping list each week.  Makes meal prepping even easier!

Just Give it a Try!

By taking some time to prepare meals at home to bring to work, we can save a substantial amount of money.

After finally realizing how much money I was spending, I made changes.  Now, I take two meals and some snacks like almonds or cashews to work.  I do still have my Monster every day, but my spending is down to two dollars a day, maybe 4 dollars if I have two Monsters lol.

See Cheap Tasty Meal Plans!

YOUR TURN – How often do you go out to eat? How much money on average do you spend a week? Let me know in the comments!

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