Monthly Goals for October 2019

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Monthly Goals for October 2019

Time flies when you’re having fun.  Seriously, where did September go?  My monthly goals for October are going to sound very familiar because my goal accomplishment in September was poor!

Before we get into that, let’s discuss all the happenings. 

I am still going strong on being cigarette free.  It is always challenging, but I keep fighting and winning so far.  I am up to 137 days as a quitter!

We are still doing very well with our debt payoff plan and making some substantial progress.  I certainly can’t wait until we hit our next milestone on that front!

Speaking of paying off debt, I did celebrate a little too hard with our last HUGE milestone that you can read about here.  Anyways, I made a purchase that I shouldn’t have, and I regret it.  I still have to work hard at all of this, just like you all do.

Progress, learning, working towards goals, working towards being debt-free, inspiring ourselves and others, motivating ourselves and others.  Those are all the things that this is all about, right?

I’m still making some extra cash on Survey Junkie.  I won’t be stopping that for the foreseeable future.  I also started doing a little bit on Swagbucks.  Two great ways to make some extra cash!

Another awesome thing that happened was my credit score went up by 23 points!  Thank you, Credit Karma, for letting me check my credit score for FREE!

The last thing for life stuff is I will be transitioning to second shift at work in a week.  I hope to find more time to make extra money and work my blog. 

Speaking of inspiring others, let’s jump right into last month’s goals.  I didn’t do very well on that list as you are about to see. After we address my outstanding goals, we will jump into my monthly goals for October.

Septembers Goals Updates

My Guest Post Goal is Still Outstanding! 

So, what happened?

I finished the article that I wanted to be guest posted.  I thought and still do, that it is an excellent article, and I am very proud of it.  However, I reached out to around ten different websites and was either rejected or ignored.

No big deal, things like that will happen, but it was unfortunate.

Is this goal a complete failure?  Not really because, as I said, I did finish the article.  Also, I had someone reach out to me requesting to guest post on my site!

I accepted and am awaiting that to be finalized and sent to me.

My original goal was to achieve a guest post, whether someone guest posting on my site, or I guest posting on another website.

My Subscribe List is Still Small!

Well, another goal that I didn’t achieve.

In a way I did, I suppose, but I didn’t get as far as I hoped.  I did have some more subscribers, but I was hoping for a better turnout.

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You see, I did make a new resource page with lots of different downloadable content.  So, in a way, that goal was a partial success.

My Media Kit is …

Not finished yet!  However, I have worked on it.  I have created several different versions and am now tweaking them.

I want my media kit to be perfect, and I am not very creative, so another partial success maybe?

My Fitness Routine

I did restart my fitness routine finally!  I procrastinated that for entirely too long.

My new fitness goal, now that I got going again, is to continue indefinitely!

Why is it so hard?  It is not like I go all out on exercising.  I only want to be in a bit better shape.

I run three or four times per week, and I do some calisthenics.  I am not at the gym for hours per day or anything.

The little bit I do is easy to do.  The actual problem has always been that I feel like I don’t have enough time.

So what are my new goals you ask?  Here we go…

Monthly Goals for October

I have only one HUGE goal for this month as well as wrap up and FINISH my other outstanding goals!  Thus far, I keep adding more goals on top of previous unfinished goals. 

Somedays I wonder where to start which sets me back even further.

Anyways, here is my one goal addition for this month.

We have been using a zero-based budget for our debt payoff goals.  However, we modified it a little to fit our needs.

That is my goal this month.  I want to put it all together into an easy to understand budgeting system.

Creating all the documents for this system will take a substantial amount of time, so wish me luck!

So, by the end of October, I want to have my whole system established and ready for everyone’s use!  I don’t want to get too far into it here so you will have to wait until I finish it to learn all about it!

How Are Your Goals Going?

Have you been writing your goals down?  Does that help you stay motivated to work on them?

If you are reading this, you know that I haven’t been doing well with accomplishing my goals.  I still believe that writing them down helps and if I wasn’t doing that, I might be doing even worse.

Let’s hope I do better on my monthly goals for October.

With usual life stuff that pops off, it sets me further back sometimes on my goals, and that is fine.  That is how life works!

I think that is it for this month.  Have a great month and please, leave a comment below to discuss your goals. 

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Oh, by the way, if you read my September goals you may be wondering about something.  Yes, I am still playing the silly Xbox.

However, you know, I can’t just sit here in front of the computer 24/7 working on my blog or making extra money.  I can’t work on my goals all the time.  We all need some entertainment time so maybe it’s not all bad that I play some video games.

It definitely doesn’t consume all of my time like it did when I was much younger!

Here is a list of all my monthly goals:

Survey Junkie

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