Monthly Goals for July 2019 and Life Updates

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Hey everyone!  Did you all write down some goals for June?  How about for July?  I am going to list my monthly goals for July 2019 and talk about a few life updates.

I am also going to discuss my failures and some success for my June goals.

Likewise, you all should do the same!  I’m not saying you need to start a blog and list them online!  However, you really should list your goals.  Above all, you should also hold yourself accountable for them. 

Firstly, annotate if you passed or failed those goals!  Secondly, you need to find a way to make you work harder to achieve your next set of goals!  For me, only knowing that I failed is enough.  Failing a goal that I set upon myself puts a weight on my shoulders that will lift after I complete the task!

Do NOT forget about your previous goals, though!  If you did not achieve them, they are still part of your list.

Let’s get into what is going on in my life, and my goals shall we?

Life Update

Well, where to begin?

Firstly, I am on vacation!  It has only been a few days, and I am super bored!  It is undoubtedly going to be challenging to save money!  Time to do some of those free summer activities such as going to the beach!

I am going to visit my folks for part of my vacation, which will be fun and a nice change of pace.

What else has been going on?  In addition to the beach, the wife and I went to a state park the other day.  We walked what felt like 20 miles, but I am pretty sure it was closer to 4 miles lol!

I had to take care of some vehicle repairs last week, and not the ones I can do myself!  I will get into details later on when I explain why I failed one of my goals for June!

NO other significant things are happening that I can recall.  For the most part, I live a somewhat dull life lol!

Monthly Goals for July: LIFE

Ok, here are my goals for July!  These include just general life goals, fitness, and health goals, and goals for my blog and social media!

Also, I hope these monthly goals for July will inspire you to list your own goals!

1.  CONTINUE CIGARETTE FREE!  As of writing this, I am 46 days, 6 hours free of smoking!  This goal will continue to be my number ONE for the foreseeable future!  Above all, I do not want to relapse and start smoking again!

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2.  I WANT TO RUN 35 MILES.  Not all at once!  My goal for the entire month is to put 36 miles on my shoes!  I also want to keep slightly improving my times each run.  Even when I only improve by 1 second, it makes me feel better.  I am going to start a log to track my progress on my running.

3.  CONTINUE LIVING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.  I recently started living the Keto lifestyle!  I am not perfect by any means with this lifestyle, but I want to continue being healthy!  If there is one thing I have learned so far on this WOE is that artificial sweeteners give such a nasty after taste!!  I have found Monk Fruit to be the best!

The hardest part of this goal will be while I am visiting my folks.  I am not versed in this WOE good enough or disciplined enough yet to travel and eat this way.  We shall see, but I want to continue this while I am on this vacation!

4.  VEHICLE MAINTENANCE.  I have a few things I want to do.  Firstly, this monthly goal for July is fixing that rattle in my truck!  I have repaired several discrepancies, but none have been the root cause of it!  Secondly, I want to replace my power steering return lines!  They are so corroded at this point, and I am concerned they will break at the worst time!

5.  INCREASE MY EMERGENCY FUNDS.  This goal was a failure last month, so let’s see how I do this month.  I have some catching up to do so I won’t put a monetary amount on this goal.  Last month my funds decreased for a couple of reasons!  One of those reasons is I needed to buy a plane ticket for my vacation.  The other reason will be explained later when I elaborate on my failure from last month!

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Monthly Goals for July: Blog and Social Media

1.  CREATE A MEDIA KIT.  This month one of my main goals will be to create a media kit for my blog.  Easy enough, right?  I don’t think it is going to be as easy as it sounds; however, I need to complete this and during vacation is a perfect time!

2.  INCREASE MY SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWERS.  One of my main monthly goals for July is to add some followers for Social Media.  My goal is to break 1,000 followers on Pinterest and 150 followers on my Facebook Page.  I won’t even give a number on my Twitter or Instagram, but adding some followers there is part of my goal.  They are just way too few to talk numbers lol!

3.  CREATE A FEW OPT-INS AND IMPLEMENT THEM.  I need to finish some opt-ins.  I already have some ideas that I need to draft.  After creating them, I need to implement them on my blog to gain some more email newsletter followers!

4.  GUEST POSTS.  My goal here is to get at least one guest post done.  This monthly goal for July may not be the easiest thing for me to get done.  However, I need to do this!  To clarify, I will call this a success whether I get a guest post onto my site, or if I do a guest post for another site.

Past Goals: June 2019

I passed all of my June goals except for the following:

Goal #3 was to add 500 dollars to my emergency fund.  Well, I failed that goal.  As I eluded to, my vehicle cost me some money this month!  So, my beautiful wife came into the house one day and told me there was a puddle under my truck.  Upon further investigation, I discovered one of my transmission cooler lines was leaking!

Moreover, I am not a skilled enough mechanic to perform that kind of repair, so this set me back 1,230 dollars!  Now, did that set me back on my emergency fund goals?  Yes, it did.  However, thanks to having an emergency fund, I was able to pay for these repairs, and my previously discussed plane ticket, without using a credit card!

Such a huge milestone in this journey!  I was able to take care of those two more significant expenses without the use of a credit card!

Goal #5 is essentially a pass.  I have saved all the data to perform my expenses/budget evaluation.  I need to do the work, the math to finish it!  Meanwhile, don’t forget to start your budget and start on your debt-free journey!

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Goal #6 was a pass!  However, this goal was to get two backlinks to my blog, and I wanted to take a second to let you know about this one.  It is a very informative and fun roundup post about money mistakes!  Check it out; it is a good read!

To sum up…

Firstly, please make sure if you are on a journey for financial freedom, that you track your goals.  Above all, set some goals, and follow them as well and hold yourself accountable to them.

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Secondly, I hope by reading this, you have gained some motivation and inspiration for setting your own goals.

Wish me luck on completing all of my monthly goals for July! It is quite a list!

I am sure I could put so much more in this post. I could set so many more goals.  While I am on vacation, I can get so much more done. However, I don’t want to cram my plate so full that I forget to have some fun!

YOUR TURN – Please let us know in the comments what your goals are.  Further, how do you hold yourself accountable if you fail a goal?

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4 thoughts on “Monthly Goals for July 2019 and Life Updates

  1. I don’t really look as it as “failing”…I like to break my bigger goals into doable things monthly, so it never seems like a fail. Even if I don’t reach my monthly mini goal, I just appreciate the progress made & focus on the next month!

    -madi xo |

    1. Excellent advice Madi! I shouldn’t beat myself up too bad and do exactly as you say, appreciate what I did accomplish! Thank you for sharing that!

  2. Good luck on completing your goals! It is a good idea to set goals that you can work towards. Thank you for trying to motivate the rest of us.

  3. I read your posts often as I am trying to gain financial freedom. However, in this post my favorite part is the healthy lifestyle goal! Also, I want to put in a plug for Survey Junkie since I saw it on the sidebar, but I love that site! I make a good bit of “free” coffee money using it!

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