I Have a Dream to Chase

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Hello everyone! How are we all doing? Are you all ready to talk about our dreams?

Well here it is, the thing I have wanted for many years now is…

Sea Hunt Boat ownership
Sea Hunt Ultra 235 SE

You see, I am an avid fisherman. I love every minute of it, but quite frankly, I am utterly sick of fishing from the shore.

Several years ago, due to not having a boat, I went and bought a kayak. What a blast, kayak fishing! I was out on my yak every single day if the weather permitted.

Having a kayak worked for a few different goals. I didn’t have to fish from the shore. I could get in some awesome and remote areas that were inaccessible on a large boat. Another excellent benefit was getting some good exercise, without feeling like I was exercising!

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Even with my kayak, I still wanted a boat. I just had to have a boat, but I put that dream to the side yet again and just accepted it.

Well, now that I live in a new area, I don’t feel comfortable on the kayak. The waters I have access to for boating/kayaking don’t entice me to go out on the yak. It doesn’t seem safe to me. Funny thing, if you read my last blog post, you know I am in the US Navy. However, as weird as this might sound, I have NO desire to be in the water! I mean, not in a boat or kayak, but actually in the water. So, my kayak just sits and collects dust now.

So, that is my dream. Please let me know in the comments what your dreams are! Let’s talk about them and motivate each other to fulfill those dreams!

Come back next week, and we will discuss my entirely over the top requirements for my boat, and we may even start explaining what the actual hold up is.

I hope you ALL have an outstanding week!

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One thought on “I Have a Dream to Chase

  1. Well, l don’t know much about fishing but a boat would make that exciting. I laughed about you not intending to get on actual water😀. Hopefully you’ll get the boat soon, all the best!

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